Kids Writing Cool

Kids Writing Cool (KWC) is a self-paced online writing course for primary-aged children. Hosted by bestselling authors Nat Amoore and Tim Harris, KWC is a delicious blend of entertainment, banter, writing tips and interactive activities. (If online courses were edible, this one would be an all-you-can-eat buffet with extra ice cream.)

This subscription allows access for one teacher or individual, including lesson videos, teachers’ notes and student worksheets.
This subscription provides access for a school at a discounted rate for up to 10 teachers, with lesson videos, teachers' notes and students worksheets.

awesome writing Modules
Full of fun and educational stuff.

pages of downloadable resources
Printable activity sheets and teachers' notes to accompany the video content.

hours of entertaining video
Jam-packed with writing tips, educational content and bad jokes.

But hey, online courses are not edible, and ice cream is rather difficult to send through the interweb.

So, what does KWC include?

For Kids:

  • 3 hours of entertaining video content
  • Signed copies of Nat's and Tim's books
  • An original Nat and Tim story
  • 16 practical modules covering important writing concepts such as planning, character development, story viewpoint, tense, paragraphs, dialogue, punctuation and editing
  • 1-year access
  • Access to the top-secret hashtag to share work with Nat and Tim (#KidsWritingCool)

For Teachers and Parents:

  • Curriculum links
  • Downloadable resources - over 150 pages of structured activities and teachers’ notes
  • 1-year access to have a ready-made creative teaching unit on hand
  • 16 practical modules covering important writing concepts such as planning, character development, story viewpoint, tense, paragraphs, dialogue, punctuation and editing
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What are people saying about our hosts?

Tim Harris delighted our upper primary students and their teachers with his creative writing workshops. Tim engaged the students with his hacks for narrative writing and the teachers could not have been happier with the content. Tim modified his workshop for each year level. His books are very much in demand in our library.
- Genesis Christian College
In more than fifteen years working with children’s authors, I’ve yet to meet someone who shows more instinctual understanding of children than Nat Amoore. A born entertainer and exceptional writer, I consider it a real privilege to have worked with her.
Tim Harris was wonderful! Was extremely well-prepared, and made it interesting, fun and educational for the students. He is a natural with the kids, and they are still raving about his visit. He encouraged creativity and reinforced important structural pointers about the writing process. I have already recommended Tim to colleagues at other schools, and we would definitely love to have him back again.
- Ormiston College

Want to get a feel for the course?

Sample of video course:
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Sample of Student Worksheets:
Sample of Teachers’ Notes:

Course Content

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